Maria is a Paraguayan-American independent photographer, researcher and geographer based in Rio de Janeiro working on assignments and projects related to political, social and environmental issues and movements in the Americas.

She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a double degree in Geography and International Relations and is currently working on her Masters in Public Policy and Sustainable Development at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ) while freelancing. Her thesis research investigates the resilience of family agriculture and agroforestry networks along the southern edge of the Amazon in northern Mato Grosso, Brazil. Situated in the transition zone between the Cerrado savanna and Amazon rainforest biomes, the rapid advance of large-scale industrialized agriculture in the region threatens not only biodiversity and environmental stability, but also the livelihoods of rural and indigenous communities that reside there.

Maria’s research interests and experience broadly span the human and environmental impacts of development and climate change, socio-environmental conflicts, traditional land use and natural resource management , agroecology and public policy. Using multidisciplinary and collaborative methods in her academic research and independent projects, she seeks to delve into the human experience through immersive approaches.

Maria is a member of The Everyday Projects and a contributing photographer for Everyday Latin America. She is one of the founding members of Everyday Paraguay, Colectivo Tierra Adentro (Paraguay), Coletiva Era (Brazil) and a member of Women Photograph. She speaks, writes and edits in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Her work has been published in several outlets, including recent work for The New York Times, Bloomberg News and others.

You can follow Maria on Instagram @mariamagdarre. For assignments or inquiries you can reach her by email: maggie.arrellaga@gmail.com.

Links to recent work

- 2018 -

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Bloomberg News (assignment)
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Estadão Internacional - Ascensoristas no Rio se Apegam à Profissão com os Dias Contados
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UOL Notícias

 - 2019 -

The New York Times - A Year After Her Killing, Marielle Franco Has Become a Rallying Cry in a Polarized Brasil (assignment)